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Picturesque Masons Island

 The following is a sales brochure published by the Masons Island Company around 1914.


Brochure cover


Waterfront ledge

STRETCHES of rugged New England coast---great grey boulders and ledges---lovely quiet inlets and beaches—green ocean waters, clear and clean as crystal---groves of ancient trees---hillside grasses rippling in the cool, salty winds of the Atlantic.

Masons Island is the island you have dreamed of---picturesque and unspoiled---preserved for the recreation and enjoyment of those who love nature and wish to dwell comfortably and conveniently amid beautiful surroundings.

For years this veritable paradise of the coast was known only to artists who came from many parts of the world to paint its beauties; to fishermen, and to suc­ceeding generations of Masons who lived on the island and zealously guarded it against any change until the deaths of John and Andrew, the hermit brothers, the last of the Masons.

A few years ago several hundred acres of the shore front were purchased from the Mason brothers estate by Gurdon S. Allyn and W. Ellery Allyn, the third generation of Allyns to be identified with Masons Island.

Masons Island is not a new project but this is the first year that slow and careful planning has sufficiently matured to permit the offering of land on a large scale. During this time, as many sales as were desirable have been made abso­lutely without sales effort. Complete topographical surveys had to be made and extensive preliminary development worked out.

View of Masons Island

Views of Masons Island

Among those now owning summer homes are:

State Senator Cyrus W. Loutrel, President National Lock Washer Co., Newark, N. J.

John P. Wilbur, Commission Merchant, New York City.

Lester D. Beronda, Artist, and President House of  Bede, New York City.

Herbert M. Stoops, Illustrator, Hearst Publications, New York City.

Murray P. Bewley, Portrait Painter, New York City.

Henry Allen, Postmaster, Patterson, N. J. and former State Senator.

Schuyler Horn, National Lock Washer Co., Newark. N. J.

Howard Horn, Insurance Broker, New York City.

Dr. Warren Young, Little Falls, N. J.

Dr. John Debroit, New York City.

Douglas Ryan, Illustrator, New York City.

Garrett Price, Illustrator, New York City.

Charles A. VanWinkle, President, Rutherford Trust Co.; President, Rutherford Building and Loan Association.

Arthur Van Winkle, Real Estate, Rutherford, N. J.


Ranger oaks


Ranger Oaks


Mystic is a beautiful New England Village, the business center of the summer life of this section---its shops and markets make daily deliveries to the island---ice and milk included.


Here, in short, is everything that makes life happy, pleasant and comfortable.


Churches, schools, stores and theaters but fifteen minutes from the property.


Exclusiveness is unusual by the fact that the town road ends not the ‘‘Saltair’’ property; control of roads on the island is retained for the exclusive use of property owners and their guests.


The Ranger Oaks, said by Ranger, the artist, to be the most painted trees in the country.



Nauyaug Point


SITUATED in the heart of the most exclusive summer residence section in America.


Two and a half nautical miles to the south across Fishers Island Sound is the famous Fishers Island Club development, which has involved the expenditure of millions of dollars already in the first year.

Five miles to the east is Watch Hill, famous millionaire colony; a few miles beyond that Narragansett Pier and Newport.

Six miles to the west is New London, widely known summer resort, yachting center, and site of the Yale-Harvard boat races.

Unequalled boating facilities---from canoeing in the scenic Mystic River, small boat sailing in Fishers Island Sound to ocean yachting three miles east in the Atlantic. Three miles west is Long Island Sound the ‘‘Yachtsman ‘s Paradise.’’

Excellent salt water fishing is found in all directions, and in the fall, flights of migratory birds provide splendid shooting.

Stonington Manor Golf Course is two and one-half miles by State road and the famous Shennecosset course at Eastern Point is only six miles from Masons Island.

Unusual accessability exists on account of the nearness to the State trunk line cement highways at Mystic---less than a mile of town road connects the Boston Post Road to Masons Island, passing over the site of the old ‘‘Riding Way’’ built generations ago to form a connection across the arm of the Mystic River that forms the island.


Saltair lot map



This section lies directly in front of the mansion house, the ancestral home of the Masons. These are the choicest building sites on the island, having


City Water

Electric Lights

Private Beaches 

Private Boat Landings


Careful restrictions  insure attractive homes and desirable neighbors.



Fresh water lake

 Showing Fresh Water Lake, 50 yards from beach and twenty feet above---fed by never-failing springs.

The road is characteristic of the type of roads leading to all parts of the island, stone base but natural effect.



A carefree summer awaits you

It lies within your reach - - -


Area map


Ten minutes by automobile to the Mystic station of the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, a stop for the shore line express trains between New York and Boston.


From New London a nightly steamboat service to new York, by the large steamers of the New London Line.



The Masons Island Co.

Mystic, Conn.

G. S. ALLYN,             W. ELLERY ALLYN

President                             Treasurer

Masons Island Phone, Mystic 850


Sole Selling Agents

Edward Dugan & Hurley Fred W.


Phone 2-9659                          Phone 2-7014




85 State Street








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