Application must be received annually by the Harbormaster per the Harbor Management Commissions.

Please fill in any missing information and or updates below.

First & last name:                                                    Tel (1):

Address:                                                                     Tel (2):

eMail:                                                                         Cell:

Boat Name:                                          CT Reg. # or Fed. Doc. #: 

Mooring Location:                                  GPS Lat/Long:

Vessel type & mfg.:                                    LOA:       ft.         Draft:          ft.

Legal Shore Access Point:                        

Water Depth at low tide:           ft.

Head Discharge Control Type - 0 (none) or Type 1, 2 or 3 (circle one):

Type 1 & 2 are maceration and purifying units that pre-treat waste for discharging overboard. Type 3 MSD is a vented holding tank for pumpout.

Mooring description: Anchor type:                         Weight:        pounds    

Bottom Chain length & size:

Top Chain length & size:

Pendant(s) Size:             Length:

Year installed:             Year last inspected:      (Best done yearly)


Note: 1. Mooring float must be marked with the Mooring ID # located on this form.

        2. A current CT decal must be displayed on vessel.

        3. The grace period for winter stake removal ends May 15th.

        4. Mooring locations cannot be sold or leased.

I, the undersigned, agree to comply with the Mystic Harbor Management Plan, as well as applicable Town Ordinances, and any State and Federal regulations that may apply. I hereby certify that ground tackle and anchor is adequate for the vessel moored.

____________________________________                        _______________ 

                        Owner’s Signature                                            Date   


Return application to: Rufus Allyn, Harbormaster               Telephone: (860) 536-1677

                    1 Ram Point Road, Mystic, CT  06355 


Please include a $50.00 check payable to  TOWN OF STONINGTON

All application renewals are due within 30 days from receipt of this letter.

To obtain your approved copy and ID #, please enclose a self addressed stamped envelope.

Approved for Calendar Year: 2017        Mooring ID #                   Fee Paid  $_____

Harbormaster ______________________    Date _______                                        Form Rev. 1/2017