Masons Island Company  Summer Dockage Agreement

Boat Name: ________________________        LOA: _____________

Boat Manufacturer: __________________          Beam: ____________

State Reg. #: _______________________         Draft: _____________

Hull Documentation #: ________________         Color: _____________      

Trailer Registration #: _________________

Boat Location:

            Allynís Alley Beach ___        Allynís Alley Dock ___

            East Forest Road ____         Great Marsh ____

            Old North Road ____           Plover Lane ____

            Poggy Bay ____               

Owner's Name: _______________________________

Address: ____________________________________

City: _______________________

State: ___________      Zip Code: ________

Telephone (Home): _________________

Telephone (Work):  _________________

Cell phone:  ________________________


1._The word Company is used here to indicate any person authorized in writing to represent the Masons Island Company.. The word Tenant is used here to indicate the owner (or his authorized representative) of any boat docked or beached at a Company location.


2._The period of this Agreement is from May 1 to October 31 and must be renewed annually.


3._The Company reserves the right to reassign a slip if it determines that  the vessel is too large or too small for the assigned slip. The Company also reserves the right to provide an alternate slip assignment when it determines that conditions warrant.


4._Slip leases are non-transferable. Tenants may not give the use of their slip to others or transfer boats between slips. If a Tenant expects to have his boat out of the slip for more than 14 days, he must notify the Company in writing.


5._Slip fees are non-refundable after April 15th.


6._To be admitted and to continue as a Tenant of the Company, a vessel must be

A: Used for pleasure only.

B: Registered, identified, marked, equipped and maintained as required by law and safe practice.

C: Subject to periodic inspection by the Company.

D: Insured by complete marine coverage including liability as provided in Paragraph 13. Each Tenant will be held responsible for damage he may cause to other vessels, or to the structure or facilities thereof.

E: It is recommended that all vessels equip themselves with an automatic onboard fire extinguishing device.

7._Tenants will provide the Company with a set of main door or hatch keys and ignition keys. The vessel may only be entered by Company personnel for periodic inspections or emergency service, otherwise only with the authority of the Tenant.

8._All vessels must be secured in assigned slips in a manner acceptable to the Company, or after notice to the Tenant, the Company may adequately secure a vessel at the Tenantís expense. Docking lines must be of proper size and strength so as to provide secure tie-up during storm conditions. There should be an accessible supply of "emergency" dockage lines on board. In the event of a severe storm or hurricane, the Company may attempt, if practicable and possible, to provide damage prevention services, the cost for which will be prorated over all the vessels docked during the storm. However, the Tenant is still responsible for taking all emergency measures possible, and the Company does not assume any responsibility for said protection and/or damages to the Tenantís boat. It is strongly recommended that Tenants not remain aboard their vessels during hurricanes or severe storm conditions.

The Company assumes no responsibility for the safety of any vessel, and will not be liable for loss or damage to the vessel, its equipment or any personal property thereon resulting from Acts of God, fire or theft.

9._The Tenant understands and agrees that the Tenant and his Guests will comply with the following Company Regulations:

A. Sec. 2524 General Statutes of Connecticut prohibits discharge or deposit of any rubbish, waste material or refuse material of any kind or description into water or any river, stream, pond, or tidal waters. Penalty: $1,000.00 fine or imprisonment of three months, or both.

B. On board heads and showers shall not be used when a boat is berthed at the Company dock.

C. Overnight living aboard is prohibited.


E. Use of electric heaters and air conditioners is prohibited.

F. When entering or leaving the Company dock area, boats must be under power, NOT sail.

G. No "For Sale" signs or any other advertisements may be displayed on vessels.

H. Tenants will store their dinghies on shore or on their vessels, but not on docks.

I. Dock boxes will only be allowed with Company approval.

J. Tenant w ill observe good sanitation practices and the use of garbage receptacles and trash bags.

K. Children must be supervised by an adult. Small children must wear a PFD while on the docks.

L. Protective footwear shall be worn by Tenants and their guests when ashore.

M. Dogs  must be leashed at all times. Owners must clean up after their dogs.

N Hazardous, nuisance, loud or offensive activities are prohibited. The use of loud sanding and grinding tools is prohibited on weekends.

The Company reserves the right to cancel this agreement for violations of the above Regulations upon giving 10 days notice. In such case, the Tenant shall promptly remove his vessel from the Company.

10._Outside Contractors may not undertake any work on vessels in the Company without the prior approval of the Company. The contractor must provide evidence of liability insurance equal to $3,000,000.00 and adequate workerís

compensation and/or disability coverage. The Company reserves the right to stop any contractor or "do-it-yourselfer" from work that is harmful to the environment or disruptive to other Tenants.

11._Any outside contractor who is not registered at the Company  office will be asked to leave.

12._A breach of any term of this lease by Tenant shall  give the Company the right to terminate this lease upon five daysí written notice to Tenant. The Company may not be deemed to have waived its rights under this (or any other) paragraph by not exercising them.

13._Tenant must provide insurance in the  amount if at least $1,000,000 naming the Company as an additional insured and must produce  a certificate of insurance showing the same by April 15th each year. Tenant is also to produce a waiver of subrogation from its insurance company by April 15th each year.

14._Tenant agrees to indemnify, defend and  hold harmless the Company and its shareholders from any claims or costs incurred attributable in any way to Tenantís actions or failure to act.

15._All determinations made by the Company are to be made at the Companyís sole discretion without regard to reasonableness.

Date:__________________ Ownerís Signature:__________________________



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