Cormorant & Egret Roads


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1 Egret Road4 Egret Road5 Egret Road7 Egret Road9 Egret Road10 Egret Road41 Old North Road45 Old  North Road8 School House Road10 School House Road4 Cormorant Road11 Cormorant Road16 Cormorant Road23 Cormorant Road22 Cormorant RoadOpen Space

Street No./ Lot No. Map Block Lot No. Square Feet Acres Price Comment
Cormorant Road          
16 176-8-8A 27,506 0.63 SOLD  
23 176-8-1H 27,579 0.64 $378,200 Undeveloped
Egret Road
1 176-8-1L 25,944 0.60 $346,500 Undeveloped
7   176-8-1K 30,663 0.70 $379,200 Undeveloped
9   176-8-1G 31,575 0.72 $379,499 Undeveloped